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The Average Cost of Solar Panels 2024

Solar Panel Costs 2024

These figures are based on excellent solar conditions and without solar batteries. Get a solar quote and see the actual installation cost of your solar panel system.

Why Buy Solar Panels?

3 Reasons Why You Should Install Solar Panels

Save after solar panel installation in completed

Save Up To £900+ Per Year After Installation

Saving depend on a few things, like the size of your solar system, shading, sunlight and exposure.

Overhaul you can notice the bills as soon as the system go’s live.

Money Back From Your Unused Energy

Money Back From Your Unused Energy

If you have a big enough solar panel system and you’re covering your energy needs and some, you can sell the leftover energy back to your supplier.

Increase the value of your home or business with solar panels

Increase The Value Of Your Home or Business

With your new solar panels fitted the value of your home also increases that’s why solar is a brilliant investment for homeowners and businesses in the UK.

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Solar Panels FAQ

Solar FAQ

You’ll get installed by a competent and approved solar installer and never a start-up company, and certainly not a cowboy who is only after your money and works to corners.

Most solar panel installation companies should offer monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels because they are the best at converting sunlight into solar power.

Not only can you solar your home when you use SolarNut’s energy quoting services, but you can also go all out on commercial solar panels and install systems up to 200 kW (huge).

Roof space is essential for the home of your new solar panels, and the space you’ll need depends on how many panels you require. The standard is 10 to 15 panels = 25 square metres of roof space. A smaller number of panels means that your panels have higher wattage, for instance, 400 watts instead of 250 watts for a 4kW solar system.

Sunlight is the life and blood of solar power, so when sunshine is minimized, your system will lag. In dull situations, your panels will still produce electricity, but it is nothing compared to the direct hot Sun beating down during the day.

At SolarNut, we’ll help you compare different options for solar panels from local solar installers near you so that you won’t be comparing the panels directly; you’ll be comparing prices on the installation.

Every solar installation company should offer you a 25 to 30-year guarantee with your new installation, and if they don’t – run for the hills. At SolarNut, we’ll make sure you get the proper warranty.

Your entire solar panel system is supplied with parts that last for a long time, and that’s why the solar panel warranty you get after installation matches the quality of your panels, the inverter and all cable work from the roof to the main electric box in your home.

If it’s a domestic solar job, your panels should be fitted in a day or two, but mostly day, even if the solar installers need to work last that day. For commercial solar panels for business, the time frame could be a week or two, depending on the solar system they install.

You’ll be offered a maintenance package after your installation for solar panel cleaning and quick checks to ensure your system is optimally perfecting.

Annual maintenance service is a great way to ensure your system generates the proper electricity and everything is clean and working correctly.

A bit of roofing experience comes into play here. When the MCS installer is fitting your panels, they lift some roof tiles and strap brackets to them and then allow your panels to be securely fixed to your roof. It’s a very tight and secure way to install panels.

If you plan to sell unused electricity back to the SEG, your solar installer will run cables to your main fuse box with a new solar inverter, which will calculate what your panels generate and what’s left over to sell.

You can come off-grid if you have the right system and a solar panels system with solar batteries for storage. Otherwise, you won’t have power for your lights and T.V. at night.

Like an off-grid system with solar batteries, you can use the power from your batteries in the event of a power cut – only with solar batteries installed.

Sometimes, you may need to change your electricity meter to match your new solar system – installers will advise you.

Unfortunately, the feed-in tariff stopped in April 2023, so you missed it if you want solar installation in 2024.

If you rent your house, you can install solar panels, but it is advised that you talk with your landlord to see if they want to pay half of the cost because the house is not yours at the end of the day.

Solar panels can get damaged as nothing is indestructible, but it takes a lot of effort; for instance, you would need to throw a brick directly on top of them. When solar panels are being fitted, the installer can walk on top of them.

Panels are strong, and most customers don’t face many vandalism reports or report much damage caused by weather or storms.

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